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Masters of Rhythm: the Afro-Peruvian Way • 5m 31s

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  • Juan de Dios Soto cooks "carapulcra"

    "Carapulcra" is a signature Afro-Peruvian dish. In the countryside, in towns that are largely Afro-Peruvian, it is often eaten with "sopa seca," another typically Afro-Peruvian dish.

    The base is potatoes - dried potatoes if you are from Lima, regular potatoes if you are from the countryside. ...

  • la Valentina-dance filmed in Peru

    Filmed in Peru, this dance (called "la Valentina") is the subject of some confusion. Is it Afro-Peruvian or Afro-Caribbean? We give you just the dance here because it's so much fun to watch. To find out about it and resolve the confusion, watch the version with narration.

  • la Valentina-dance with narration

    For those of you interested in how a tradition can be confused, or for those of you who are interested in how world dance develops in the modern world, we offer you this dance with an explanation. The man who explained it to us, Lalo Izquierdo, is an Afro-Peruvian dancer, choreographer, percussi...