The Spanish Experimentals - EDUCATIONAL

The Spanish Experimentals - EDUCATIONAL

Here you have three experimental shorts that Eve A. Ma created in southern Spain, in and near the charming city of Jerez de la Frontera. "Two Streets & Adela" (28 min.) tells the story of Adela, a flamenco costume maker who lives in the so-called cradle of flamenco, on a very special day in her life. "Tone Poem with Hang Drum" (18 min.) imagines the story that music from a hang drum - a sonorous instrument that looks a little bit like a very small flying saucer - creates in the mind of the musician improvising upon it. And "Her (Ella)" (4 min.), without a word of dialogue, shows us the story of the man, the street and the flower.

The Spanish Experimentals - EDUCATIONAL

3 Videos

  • Her (Ella)

    There's the man, and the alleyway, and the flower. Shot in Spain, an experimental short (very short - 4 minutes) with absolutely no dialogue.

  • Tone Poem with Hang Drum

    One day, as I was walking across the big square in front of the market place in Jerez de la Frontera (in southern Spain' AndalucĂ­a region), I saw this guy playing some music on an instrument that looked like a small flying saucer. It was sitting on his lap, and made the most beautiful sounds, li...

  • Two Streets & Adela (Dos Calles y una Chica)

    An experimental short (26 min.) about a flamenco costume designer/dress maker in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain - a city known as part of the "cradle of flamenco." We watch our heroine, Adela, on a very special day in her life. At the climax, she does a little flamenco dance.

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